Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Alright, already!!

Well, I guess I'm back.
Not with much.
Just a note to whomever: this is not an inactive account, just a very lazy one.
Perhaps in hibernation.
Please stop thinking you can have it.

{Procol Harum - Shine on Brightly}

Let's see. Read House of Leaves*, if you want to have trouble sleeping, and like confronting nothingness. A novel with few peers.
I'm half-way through the last book - The Amber Spyglass - of Pullman's His Dark Materials.
There's alot inside, swirling around, about Gnosticism and numbers and morals and Design and craft and writing and most of all moving. This last line, I guess, is about both me and the book. Maybe that's why it's resonating so strongly with me.

Well, maybe I do have something personal.
I spent most of today at work writing a How-To manual for one of the new procedures at work. I get to do this as apparently I know it better than anyone else in the entire company. Yippee me. 7 pages of dense material, all along the lines of "if this, then do that, unless this something else, then do either of these two things, watching out for the following, ...", pointed paragraph after paragraph. Anyway, I'm a so bored that I almost watched an early epidose of Andromeda when I came home: ooh, pretty colours, cheesy acting, hmmm Cheese...
Which I got up to eat, tearing myself away from modern day Shakespeare, then came to the warmer realms of web, only to find that Blogger wants me to change my password because I requested it. Which I so, so didn't.
But thankfully somebody did, and now, well, I'm back. :S

*There'd be a link here to some online thingie about the book, but I'm not quite ready to read other people's ideas about what's going on. I don't want any hints to this riddle, I want to make my own paths in the Garden, I want to leave my own marks on the wall of the Labyrinth.

{Jimi Hendrix Experience - I don't live today}