Wednesday, July 28, 2004

links, punctuation, and merkins, of course

Like so many online, I am drawn to the spectacle that is American politics. As a Canadian, these things interest me far more than they should. For instance, why is it that practically every week I know most of the news that concerns the top 10 conservative idiots? When did I become one of Atrios' more regular readers? Why have I developed a morbid fascination with how many coalition soldiers have been killed in Iraq (this goes beyond my minor number fetish)? Do you too keep up with the blogging of Tom Tomorrow (if you don't, definitely read his archived comics)? This reading comes at the expense of reading more interesting things, unless I spend way too much time online. Frell, I even play/watch way too many flash games. And how did I forget this, of all things, when making these links the first time?! If you have got past level 22, let me know.

When I was thinking of what exactly Whoopi's joke about Bush might have been, the words "Animated Merkin" popped into my head. And I laughed! I don't know if anyone else has come up with this, and I am certainly not going to google for it, but if you know of anything, or are willing to look at a lot of unrelated merkin websites, let me know.

In other news, I discovered while reading Karen Elizabeth Gordon's The Well-Tempered Sentence, that you don't need to use a question mark following a rhetorical question. She also agrees with me (and Lynne Truss;  warning: questionable punctuation game) about the proper placement of punctuation as concerns quotation marks. And even though

Hmm. I saved this as a draft yesterday, no, the day before (umm, no), but apparently something got lost. I have no idea what I was going to write after that. Oh well. Hmm, I have a vague memory of leaving the entry unfinished like that, believing that I couldn't forget what came next. This memory may well be just one of those false beliefs the brain generates to make reality easier.
I'd link to something brain-y and psychological/neurological, but you know all about that, right? Well, there are a lot of false beliefs people have about the brain and consciousness. Do I really want to get into it? I don't feel like playing a flash game, so maybe I will.
First though, I will eat supper. Yes, I know that it is 10:40, but I am making a mix tape for work using songs I like from all my old CMJ CDs. Time consuming, listening to so many okay songs. So far I've only collected Elliott Smith, the Eels, and Amon Tobin.
And like, this is a week later. That brain stuff is going to have to wait. Why do I not post more often? cause I suck? do I care?
If you care about the line-up of the mix tape, email me. I finished it today, and called it Days of Sadness and Medication. There is some stuff on there I am totally unfamiliar with, but kinda like.  Who are "Essex Green", and "My Favorite"? I guess I'll learn in a few days, thanks to, your personal radio station (audioscrobbler fans should get excited, but not too much).
-Starcat, uneasy without U.

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