Friday, June 04, 2004

Princess Auburn of Gemini World

When I was conceived I was not alone. I had a twin, a sister, and the two of us developed, slowly, together. Until Fate intervened, and then my sister was no more. Her nascent body, abandoned by the imperatives of life, was consumed by mine for nourishment; this was of minor interest to me. Of major interest is that her soul was subsumed by mine; she lives within me still. As she exists only internally, and not externally, she matures at only half the rate of the rest of us.
Inside me lives the soul of a 16 year old girl.
Like, oh my god! that explains so much! lol! (ahem.)
She is a pale girl as she doesn't get much sun. She has reddish brown hair, and likes to dress in browns and reds. I have met her a few times in my dreams. At times we are very close, and others she is quite cold, distant, and tests me. I should be very wary of her, but I am incapable of mistrusting her, for I love my sister. She told me her name, but of course that is a secret.
She wants to be free; sometimes I let her out, and other times she forces herself out. To her I attribute my preternatural youthful looks, and she is the reason we will see my 125th birthday.
I have a twin sister, and I am never alone.

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schmutzie said...

My, my. This may explaing a few things about you. She would have been the a mean girl on the playground.