Wednesday, June 09, 2004

With a rush and a push and the band is ours

I know I promised that I would write about "Idiot Proof" when I was finished it, and that was a long time ago. Well, the truth of the matter is that I didn't finish it, as it is very annoying. So annoying that I hurled it across the room (with only ten pages left), dinging the corner of it on the hardwood. It still reposes near the box of homemade wine near the unfinished bookshelf Che gave me. I have only hurled one other book previous to this: Grendel by John Gardner. With three pages left, the book took such an infuriating turn I couldn't stand (well, sit) to hold it anymore. Whing! Scare the crap out of Max (the psychotic cat) did I, yes I did. I finished it, eventually, and I will finish Idiot Proof as well. Then you too can marvel at how many stupid things this man says. Hmm, and since Nick Hornby praises it in some issue of Believer I have kicking around, maybe I'll kick him around a little, too.

I did finish my mixed tape for work. Following is the list of bands in the order they appear: Neutral Milk Hotel; Cat Power; Jesus and Mary Chain; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Malcolm Mclaren; Sleater-Kinney; Modest Mouse; the Pretty Things; the Vines; Tori Amos; the Beatles; Telepopmusik; the Smiths; Pixies; Sonic Youth; Spiritualized; Dream Warriors; MC 900 ft Jesus; Tom Waits; U2. Maybe later I'll be all linky with these bands, but right now sleep beckons.


schmutzie said...

You should try reading "The Tenants" by Bernard Malamud if you ever want to get really pissed off. It was pure evil.

starcat said...

Is he really pretentious? Does he tell long stories with no point that seem like they should have one? Did it fill you with disgust all the way through, or just near the end? Do his characters suck?

schmutzie said...

Like crazy. Malamud's all over that shit. He's also pretty good at racial stereotyping. It's a treat.